What I like to eat

Eating healthy does not have to be a stress inducing situation! Having good food choices on hand to make simple meals is the easiest way in my opinion to make sure your diet is balanced throughout the week. On weekends and few nights during the week, I make a meal that might take some time, but for the most part I’m eating on the go.

Breakfast and lunch are the most important meals to make sure you have covered from nutritional point of view. If you don’t eat a satisfying foods for these meals, it will lead to overeating and poor choices by dinnertime.

I have gone through many different phases of food in my life. To begin, I thought all foods were created equally for the most part and didn’t have an understanding of nutrition. As I got older and started learning how different food groups effect our bodies, I started to make stricter rules about what I would eat based on what I knew to be true about various food groups.

What I know now is that you can have it all!


It is possible to maintain a healthy diet and eat foods from every food group as long as you make conscious decisions about what you eat. If you have pasta for lunch, create variety and make sure to have a healthy dose of protein and serving of vegetables for dinner. Don’t exclude foods that you like from your diet because you think they will do more harm than good. Restricting too much with lead you to feel dissatisfied and your body might be missing out on crucial nutrients.

And YOLO, eat dessert.


***Pictured above is scrambled eggs with half an avocado with some tortilla chips for scooping!


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