Peppermint Blondie Trifle

An adapted recipe incorporating my love for peppermint and the underrated blondie! Enjoy!

Ingredients (Not including the ingredients for the mousse and blondies)

1 c. heavy whipping cream

1 package oreos

1 package of candy canes


  • Smash up the oreos first and set aside. Two rows were plenty, but use the whole pack if you want to get rid of them! You may not find candy cane oreos, regular works too.
  • Smash/mill six regular peppermint candy canes, set aside.  I used the milling attachment on the nutrabullet, but I almost wish it had turned out more chunky than a fine powder.
  • Whip 1 cup of heavy whipping cream, set aside.
  • Make blondies, allow time to cool. Before baking, sprinkle with some of the candy cane chunks/powder.IMG_2505
  • Make white chocolate mousse.
  • After all layers are made, assemble in a bowl!
  • Sprinkle the remaining candy cane chunks/powder on top.
    • My layers from bottom up were: crumbled blondies, white chocolate mousse, smashed oreos, whipped cream, repeat!
    • IMG_2506