Mini Chicken Pot Pies

So I am not a fan of canned soup or the many recipes that are made with it. I get it, it’s good for makings a fast easy meal, just pay attention to sodium and fat levels especially in creamy soups.

I love these mini chicken pot pies that are all over Pinterest, but I don’t love that they’re made with good, old, canned soup.

What I did was make mini pot pies with an actual chicken pot pie filling recipe found here.

I did use the Grands biscuits, but I experimented with about half of them by cutting the biscuit in half to cut down on some of the bread.

IMG_2532 IMG_2533Notice that some of the dough is exploding out of the muffin tins? That’s the whole biscuit, and the others half. It was a little hard to get the half to spread out in the muffin tin unless I cut them in half and then rolled them on the cutting board to stretch them out.

It doesn’t work as well if you do it with your hands.

My personal opinion, when baked, half the dough was plenty!

IMG_2535I apologize because these are not beautiful pictures! The pies look a little gooey because they needed to settle a little more.

Two cans of biscuits worked well for the amount of filling, but made about 20, so plan accordingly!

Bake for 10-15 minutes at the temperature in the filling recipe.

I love anything in miniature.