Miss to Mrs. Recap and Happy 4th!

  Happy Summer! I know it’s been officially summer for a few weeks, but once you hit the fourth of July, it definitely feels like summer is in  full swing!   It’s also the 6th or 7th of July by now, but I’m getting to things at my own pace this summer. These past few weeks have been a blur of deadlines, joy, stress, and good company. … Continue reading Miss to Mrs. Recap and Happy 4th!

The ‘Eating Healthy’ Label

Hello there and happy Saturday Morning to you! I couldn’t be more excited about this beautiful day because it’s the second installment of my marathon of weekend plans for this summer! Last weekend I was celebrating soon to be new life at a baby shower for a friend and today I will be heading up to Cleveland to celebrate with a lovely bachelorette who is getting married the … Continue reading The ‘Eating Healthy’ Label

WIAW and Getting into Vacation Mode

It’s June 1st! When I was little, this date had two purposes: my parents anniversary, which I honestly wasn’t too concerned about, and it was pool opening day! This is no more as my parents no longer have their pool and I don’t live there anyway! Today this date still means my parents anniversary, ( Happy 37 years!) and I’m getting married this month! We completed … Continue reading WIAW and Getting into Vacation Mode

Peppermint Blondie Trifle

Happy Sunday! I hope you have  enjoyed and rested and recouped from the holiday! It was not a white Christmas, which is fine by me on one condition: I do not want to get dumped on from January through April. It’s pouring right now though, so I don’t know what’s worse! I would welcome a mild winter for the selfish reasons of being able to run and bike outside … Continue reading Peppermint Blondie Trifle

Merry Berry Breakfast Parfaits

Or Berry Breakfast Parfaits any other month of the year! Huzzah! We are in the home stretch for Christmas!  This month has gone so fast and that is why I fully support decorating for Christmas and listening to Christmas music (a little bit) before the Thanksgiving because the season goes so fast and it’s over before you know it. I fully intend on relaxing and enjoying these last leading days up until … Continue reading Merry Berry Breakfast Parfaits