Being a Know-It-All

I have an obvious comment to make- I know so much more about nutrition now that I’ve been in school for over two years.     That’s why I cringe when hear someone mention a diet. Or say “I’m not eating (insert entire food group here) anymore” Or that some miracle food was discovered to give you tons of energy and help you lose weight.     … Continue reading Being a Know-It-All

Strong Not Skinny

Happy fast approaching holiday season! The kick-off of my string of holiday parties started last night with a friendsgiving. I had to explain this concept to a few (older) people over the week and they loved it and thought it was such a neat idea to also celebrate the holiday with friends! I have to agree and I am so thankful that these holiday traditions are not … Continue reading Strong Not Skinny

Week 8- Hello, Goodbye

Hello school food rotation starting on Monday! I’m interested to see what it’s really like. You hear such stories! Hello new jobs! For Matt- yes and so far, so good! He started last Monday at Daisy Brand in Wooster.  As for me, eventually depending on where we land(see below!!!!), but I’m looking forward to something different. I’ve been shifting from the norm 40 hour work week in a quality lab … Continue reading Week 8- Hello, Goodbye

Sunday Sampling

Another weekend-yes! Aren’t they the best? Lately my weekends have been looking something like this: Friday- Fridays I am exhausted so I meet Matt for dinner and then it’s 20 minutes of Netflix before I’m out for the night! Saturday- Various, but doing something! Baby showers, movie nights, bike riding, all good things. Sunday- Catch-up/get ready for the week days. I grocery shop, plan our meals, make … Continue reading Sunday Sampling

The First Week- Paperwork and Due Dates

Happy weekending! Can I tell you about my first week as a dietetic intern? CP- Coordinated Program in Dietetics- Taking classes while doing supervised practice with a dietitian (internship hours) all through the University of Akron. That’s how I’m getting through my internship rather than a complicated matcing process that could take me out of state. So I made it through the first week! It … Continue reading The First Week- Paperwork and Due Dates

Peanut Butter and Strawberry Jam Pancakes

I have been loving smashing fruit into my peanut butter lately. My typical after work, pre-workout snack is a whole grain carb base, PB, and whatever berries I have on hand. Combinations include an English muffin with PB, raspberries, and a little honey, and a tortilla with PB, raspberries and blueberries. Also, strawberry-banana-PB was good on that tortilla. Until I started doing it, I kind of thought fruit and peanut … Continue reading Peanut Butter and Strawberry Jam Pancakes

The Long and Winding Colon

I have read that in blogging being successful is finding how you can relate and relay information to a certain populations. For better or worse, there are a lot of other people blogging about the things that I’m doing in life and want to talk about- dietetics student, runner, mending a food relationship, creating recipes. But I do have something else going on that might … Continue reading The Long and Winding Colon