About Me!


Hello! My name is Calli and I am a student in the didactic program in Nutrition and Dietetics at the University of Akron!

For a long time, I’ve been interested in food and eating healthy to feel my best. Going back to school was also something I knew I was interested in. It took training for my third marathon for me to figure out that I can really do something that I love! I enjoyed learning about good nutrition for distance running and in general so I filled out some paperwork, took out more student loans, and became a student again!

Last year, I was taking refresher and catch up courses that I needed before I could start the meat and potatoes of the program this fall. In this blog I want to share what I’m learning about and provide good examples of workouts, snack and healthy meal recipes, and lifestyle tips for a healthier life.

I love running and am currently training for marathon #5, and I’m hoping to qualify for the Boston Marathon! Besides lots of running and various other physical activities, I keep busy with reading, trying new recipes, and enjoying the company of the family and friends that I am lucky to have.

I have lived in Akron for three years now and I have really enjoyed figuring out what the city has to offer! Akron includes the uniqueness of a big city without the hassle of maneuvering it. On this blog you will also find out about the places that I’ve discovered in the area, whether it was a recommendation or a happy accident!

Thanks for reading and please leave comments with feedback or ideas!


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