Unintended Resolutions

It’s January 10th already! How do those resolutions feel? Did you make any?

I feel so-so about New Years Resolutions. They can really set us up for feeling like failures because sometimes life doesn’t go the way you plan! It’s not worth it when it makes your life harder. But, I also think having goals is a good way to work on making progress on things that have been on your to-do list for awhile.

Bottom line- New Year’s puts a lot of pressure on us all.

We have 12 uncertain months ahead of us that we have to make the most of and accomplish all of our goals in. So what did you do in the past 12 months? I bet you accomplished more than you give yourself credit for.

In 2017, did you-

Face an unexpected challenge?

Overcome a hardship?

Try something you never thought you would do?

Help someone out?

Express gratitude?

Make progress in some aspect of your life?

Whatever 2017 held for you, I bet if your really thought about it, you could come up with accomplishments that would look great as resolutions if you intentionally set out to do them. Being open to and embracing our life’s plan along with having our own goals is enough to keep us busy and I think we could all benefit from a little flexibility when juggling all of this.


2017-12-31 22.23.09
New Year’s Eve Rum Cake! See that Kraken in the background? So delicious and moist! 




2018-01-02 19.03.35-2
New Year’s Pork. Because I’m not superstitious, but I am a little stitious!

What’s something that you want to work on in 2018? Remember good things take time, so if it doesn’t get done in 2018, there’s always next year!





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