Being a Know-It-All

I have an obvious comment to make- I know so much more about nutrition now that I’ve been in school for over two years.


A breakfast of potatoes on St. Patrick’s day at our favorite spot Sonnets!


That’s why I cringe when hear someone mention a diet.

Or say “I’m not eating (insert entire food group here) anymore”

Or that some miracle food was discovered to give you tons of energy and help you lose weight.


FullSizeRender (7)
Halfway through clinicals!!


Worrying about the food you eat and trying to diet can become a full time job if you let it. I’ve seen so many good blog posts lately on this topic lately and I was inspired! Here’s one! A lot of the conversation around me is about we need the perfect body and how to achieve it fast.

I hate to seem like a know-it-all because I don’t know it all, but I do know what good nutrition looks like and it’s not a diet. It’s really meals with food that you can taste and chew and swallow, not a drink labeled as a meal. It’s not a supplement or pill that allows you to eat anything else that you want.


Good cooking usually happens by accident for me. I was trying to make pumpkin cornbread muffins, but with pumpkin and without the pumpkin pie spice it turned out to be the most moist, plain cornbread I’ve ever made!


Deprivation leads to eventual binging, and if not full on binging, guilt for eating that forbidden food.

There was time when I thought dairy was bad for you because it caused inflammation. What?! For most and especially athletes, milk is one of the best drinks to have throughout the day.  I also thought that coconut oil saved lives!  I need to go through my own recipes and update my ingredients to show that I will know use a substitution oil because coconut oil is not a heart healthy oil and the research is equivocal to show if it truly gives you more energy.


Holy carbs! This bowl has about 80 grams of carb, which is still about 40 less than what I need before longer runs


Eating when you are hungry and making those meals and snacks to include all food groups is the miracle solution. Going heavy on the fruits and vegetables, and throwing in a little cardio will only help!


image1 (5)
We Run This City- A program where the YMCA in Cleveland partners with the Cleveland Marathon to give students in the Cleveland City Schools a training plan, a pair of running schools, and additional good health sessions.


If I am being a know-it-all about nutrition, I’m only trying to help! If it seems like I’m being a naysayer about things, it’s because there is a lot of bad nutrition advice floating around. My advice might seen to be harder than the easy fad diet or drink, but it’s research based and college degree worthy!


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