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Back to school I went and I’m taking sports nutrition! I’m so excited! Running is kind of my thing. I know that I know a good amount about good nutrition for being physically active, but I want to really know that I know the real thing. Does that make sense?


I started reading today and then opened this post to start taking notes because there are so many important parts of exercise they don’t get recognized!

Physical inactivity causes genes to misexpress proteins resulting in metabolic dysfunction related to chronic disease. Chronic diseases include heart, lung, and kidney disease, diabetes, cancer, stroke, and Alzheimer’s.

When produced from exercise, cytokines (small proteins produced by the cell) and heat shock proteins( produced by muscle cells) increase the number of glucose receptors in the cell, improving insulin sensitivity. This means you’ll get the energy from your food more efficiently and reduce your risk for diabetes!

A single exercise session can improve your blood lipid profile. This is your good and bad cholesterol and triglycerides.

These oats are also going to help out the cholesterol in your blood lipid panel. And help with #2. And feeling (a good kind of) full. I can’t get enough of them.



I could go on and on and on but most alarming to me is a study done showing that the #1 cause of death is physical inactivity. Credit to Mrs. Boltz for showing us this.

I had the realization the other day that I will promote eating what you want, and balance, and having the cookies and enjoying them, but I’m doing that without considering the exercise background of others. Exercising is what pulls everything together. Without exercise to expend some of those calories, you really need to be cautious of your diet the majority of the time. Depending on my schedule, I’m able to be physically active 4-6 days a week which absolutely supports balanced, liberal eating.

Including some form of exercise in your week  and increasing the activity in your daily functions( taking the stairs, parking farther away when shopping)  could be life changing. It’s late in January now, so that if you made a resolution at all and maybe it didn’t work out, good for you! You still made one because you have that feeling that you want to make some changes.

Here are some tips and tricks for becoming an exerciser:

  • Less is more when making change- slowly add physical activity into your week.
  • Find activities that you like! There are so many different types of cardio classes offered at most gyms- tabata, zumba, bootcamps, cycling , yoga, barre.
  • Hate the gym? Or not quite feeling confident to go? Workout at home with workout DVDs! I’m constantly seeing videos of people working out from home. Avoid any programs that combine workout dvds with supplements and shakes. Real food is best!
  • Walk. Walking can be so good as long as you’re working up at least a light sweat.
  • If you don’t think you can commit for a whole workout, break it up into ten minutes three times a day. Same effect as 30 minutes at once!
  • EAT! Don’t workout on empty because you’ll feel tired and drained and like exercise even less.

I know, preach sister!


I just think that the positive effect on health is too important to ignore just because exercise isn’t your favorite.

Enjoy your week! Monday’s have slow start for me, so I’m going to enjoy another cup of coffee and then hit the pavement!



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