2016 and Foodservice- The Final Weeks

On Leaving Foodservice-img_3993

Does this look familiar? As someone who never, ever bought school lunch, it does not to me, but apparently this is one of the most popular lunches. It’s a tiny Mexican type pizza called a fiestada.

Now that’s January 9th, it does seems like my school foodservice rotation was a months ago. As everything started to accelerate to it’s closing point for the semester, I was going through the motions many days to complete projects and assignments. And also legal house purchasing documents!

In my last post about school foodservice, I made comments on how my food ideas and opinions are constantly changing and as are the government’s and that’s why school lunch has evolved as it has. So these above fiestadas used to be much tastier before they were made healthier. My ideas and opinions are also changing on what I thought life as a dietitian would be like because of this foodservice rotation.

Long ago, my first thoughts on being a dietitan looked something like this:


Spreading the word of fruits and vegetables and bringing people to the light of balanced eating! And honestly, I still hope this is the direction that I end up going. I want to help people who want to eat better and don’t know where to start.  There’s so many bad food thoughts floating around out there!

Foodservice dietitians have a whole lot going on and I loved getting a taste of it in the hospital and school. My last few weeks were a lot of employee hour analyzing and policy review. It was much more business than I was expecting, which was easy for me because of my lab/ quality experience. As a dietitian, I will have so many options!

On leaving 2016-

As 2016 was ending I of course saw so many comments on the internet on how the year was terrible for people personally and on a larger scale and hopefully 2017 would be better. I have to say that I felt the opposite. I loved 2016 for the joy it brought, and I was a little terrified to start 2017. Although I recognize that years to come may not have as many highs as this year- Wedding, honeymoon, buying a house, and so many other perks along the way. And thank God! There is no way I would have the energy to have so much going on year after year.


We moved into our house on a snowy, cold day with the help of family. Oh, moving was hard. Hard for me, a person who likes order and structure in her life. Our life was in boxes for days and we were living between house for about a week. It was hard for Matt too, because moving is probably no joy for anyone, but the unrest I was feeling brought out a tense, irritable person that Matt had to live with. To my wonderful husband, thank you and I love you!

But the good news is that now we are settled for the most part. Discomfort never lasts forever as we adapted and worked to get our lives back on track in our new home, and we love it!




Why I was terrified to start 2017- I finally left my job at Malco Products after four years. In those four years I learned a lot about my job and working in general. I learned how to be an employee, good and bad. I also learned over that time that you are at work for so much of your day, and that should be time spent doing what you want to do- bring on back to school! Again, nothing lasts forever so I had to go. My internship is pulling me closer and closer to being a dietitian- the end all be all goal- so it was time to go and plunge into the uncomfortable and uncertain again. To my Malco Products people- Thank you for the friendships, guidance, and laughs.

For posts in 2017 I will bring insight on:

  • Homeownership
  • The server’s life- realizing on people’s generosity to pay my bills!
  • New recipes- nutritious, delicious and tasty!
  • Clinical life in Medical Nutrition Therapy
  • Colon health

Happy 2017, friends!



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