Strong Not Skinny

Happy fast approaching holiday season!

The kick-off of my string of holiday parties started last night with a friendsgiving. I had to explain this concept to a few (older) people over the week and they loved it and thought it was such a neat idea to also celebrate the holiday with friends! I have to agree and I am so thankful that these holiday traditions are not only spent with family but other friends events have become a reoccurring theme as we grow older and establish stability.

But this holiday season, I’m going to focus on getting strong instead of skinny and having a plan and healthy mindset to deal with all of the holiday eating!

Last night was the beginning and every weekend until New Years I have a holiday event to attend between family, friends, work, and Matt’s work. I’m just lucky everyone thought to have them on different weekends!

I’m a part of a group of school that puts on Wellness Wednesday programs for the surrounding Akron Metropolitan Housing Authority buildings. Among nutrition is psychology, nursing, and exercise sciences. We will choose a topic for the month and go to three different locations every Wednesday presenting on the topic chosen. For the past few weeks I have been telling people about healthy eating around the holidays.


The above information is a good base for everyone, but at friendsgiving I noticed that while I was practicing what I had preached, my mind was wandering to the next six or so weeks of such eating. It was daunting slightly because of the heavy, holiday standards being served and I don’t think my advice will work for me or anyone with multiple holiday affairs forever or for anyone who struggles with food. Even eating smaller portions of such food is bound to still leave you feeling full and maybe sluggish.

Over the winter months I have a mission to build more muscle so that when I go for long runs in the spring I will be pain free. Years of mainly running has let to weaker background muscles that I have beat up too much on. Strengthening my legs and hips is something I’ve wanted to do, but I wanted to run more so I never would get around to it.

Squats, lunches, dead lifts, and some others things that I’m learning have made their way into my workout a few times a week. I truly feel stronger and that’s what I tell myself when dealing with the bulkiness and soreness that comes with working out your muscles.


If you can’t beat it, join it. Eat mindfully at holiday parties, and be fueled for working out your body this winter. I thought to myself at the end of last night that I was feeding that growing muscle tissue and that my Sunday workout would be amazing because of that nourishment I gave myself.

The snow that’s now on the ground threw a wrench in my workout plans, but I’ll be flexible!

Let your holiday eating be a motivator for exercise the next day. Don’t exercise thinking you have to, exercise to feel your best and after a night of fun rejoice at the fun you had and then get sweaty the next day!



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