Week 10- Renting Space

Do you remember when fat free was the ideal labeling on a package of food?


How wonderful were these?! I don’t remember myself, but the craze of the fat free Snackwells cookies in the 90s has been mentioned in class and how people were losing their minds to get a cookie that was fat free.

Ideas in food are constantly changing. Fat used to be horrible for you, and then a shift happened where trans and saturated fats were bad for you, but the good fats (mono- and polyunsaturated) were okay. And now there is still research on if saturated fats are as bad as once thought.


And this happened too sometime in there when fats were blowing our minds being so bad for us and then so good.  The food pyramid turned into a dinner plate. I think it’s so much easier because food groups and serving sizes became less about numbers and more about incorporating them into meals.

Comments I hear a lot of at my internship or really from anyone when I tell them what I’m in school for are about these changes and how they can’t imagine what ‘they’re’ going to say next. One change can surely be the sign of another to come, and nutrition is science based, so this is absolutely how it’s going to be.

Being in the schools, I also hear about how school lunch as changed. In another post, I included a picture of Michelle Obama when I mentioned going so school foodservice, but I never imagined how much I would actually hear her name! There is often the comparison of how school lunches used to be and now and according to my sources, they used to be nutritious even before Michelle Obama.

What choice do we have to but to accept that change is for the better? What is the alternative? To stay stagnant in a world that we’re not sure of and question maybe if life is better on the other side? Dietary guidelines will change, school lunch may change, things at jobs will change, and our habits and preferences may change.


Matt and I are literally renting the space that we will in right now, but as we continue to get deeper in buying our first house I’ve been thinking about beneficial it is to rent space. We rented our house now together for awhile before getting married, and if we found out we could not have lived well with each other, we would not have married. Renting space can  a good thing for when you’re investigating and there is not rush to make a permanent decision.

I think of myself as renting space in a church that I like because I knew we would be moving eventually and I haven’t had clear signs that that’s where I should put down some roots, but I enjoy being there now. Come January 1st, I’m not sure what my employment will look like, but I do know that it will be different and temporary while I finish school. I will most likely rent space as a waitress in some restaurant in Wadsworth, Ohio, or nearby. naughty

Thoughts can rent space in your mind while you consider new ideas. Create the space for these thoughts if you’re not sure instead of disregarding them.

If you’ve been eating low fat for years, give fat a try with a positive mindset. If you’ve been trying to change your body for years because you thought you had to, maybe trying a little self-acceptance will change your life.  If things at work are going to change from what they have been for years, accept that it’s probably for the best for good reasons. At work, I sincerely say that people higher up are much smarter than I am in the world of manufacturing, so they must be doing the right thing!


Speaking of fat, my breakfast if full of it! Eggs, avocado, and cheese!


Being open to change is an active process and for me, I need to remind myself that it’s necessary to keep moving to accomplish my goals.

What kind of change are you embracing or trying to create space for lately?





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