Week 8- Hello, Goodbye

Hello school food rotation starting on Monday! I’m interested to see what it’s really like. You hear such stories!


Hello new jobs! For Matt- yes and so far, so good! He started last Monday at Daisy Brand in Wooster.  As for me, eventually depending on where we land(see below!!!!), but I’m looking forward to something different. I’ve been shifting from the norm 40 hour work week in a quality lab to an all over the place student still working in that quality lab and serving at night.  I’m so excited to work as a dietitian once school is done, so doing a job until then to get by will be okay, whatever it is!


Hello first house? Yes! Because Matt’s job is a go we have officially started looking online and Tuesday we’re going to see a house. We may not get so lucky, but I’m hoping this experience is similar to wedding planning where things naturally went smoothly.


Goodbye hospital food. I could not have asked for a better first rotation! A couple of weeks were better than others, but the people were great! In the future, I will always be willing to help future dietitians get on their way.


These girls made the rotation even better! Hopefully the bar wasn’t set too high for my other rotations. We made up caprese melon samples to hand out in the cafeteria and promote/ answer questions about Summa’s outpatient nutritional counseling program on our last day. I think I would like outpatient counseling. Right now that is! I have so much more to see and my mind has even been changed about foodservice. Different from five weeks ago, I would work there!

I am loving these changes at the moment! Life’s curves can sometimes come along unplanned and unwelcomed. When that does happen I try remind myself to be open to God’s plan and with some practice, this has gotten a little easier to do and it brings me peace of mind.

I look back on life in phases. Some were lovely and I’ll always think of them fondly, and some not as lovely. I have gone through phases of restrictive eating and excessive exercising. Phases of just going through the motions and scraping by. Phases of feeling like not enough.

Working to know that you are enough has not been an easy task to do, but after a long while of telling myself so, something clicked and it did seem that I was enough. That I deserved to hope and want the best for myself. After that, a lot of other things fell into place. I am able to prioritize things differently.

That’s why I say goodbye and say hello!

Have a great Sunday!



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