Week 5- Food Thoughts

Holy! It’s October and week 5?! Time is flying. I was driving home from school on Wednesday evening and I was noticing how fallish of a day it had been and then I realized with October right around the corner that we were in the thick of fall.

My whole week has been centered around food. I know, how wonderful! Matt turned 30 this week and between advanced food prep and being in the hospital kitchen, I have been thinking about and eating a lot of food!

I just have to comment, because I have now watched the whole process from start to finish, that food prepared for mass amounts of people sometimes does not look good. By the time it’s made, sits for a little bit, and then is scooped onto a plate it’s lost some of it’s appealing appearance. It tastes fine, and it’s also the same type of food you are making at  home! I made the food on Monday morning so I would know. I ripped loaves of bread into pieces for homemade dressing, melted butter to mix with oatmeal and cinnamon for an apple crisp topping, baked wings, and opened cans of Campbell’s tomato soup and added water.

Why is it that hospital food is so bad? Or do we just think it’s bad? If you ever go into the hospital EAT! I’ve mentioned before the malnutrition that happens in hospitals.

I made hospital food, meal planned in advanced food prep, and then ate delicious food in celebration of Matt turning 30.

We met friends at the chocolate bar in Cleveland on Saturday for dinner and desserts and then went into Lakewood for the rest of the night.

Matt made one of our favorites on Monday night, shrimp tacos with the bonus grilled pineapple with cinnamon sugar topping. This was a complete and welcome surprise to me when I came home after a 10+ hour day!

On his actual birthday we went to eat burgers followed by a S’mores ice cream cake that I have been waiting for about two years to make, but I never had ice cream maker! I skipped the step of making my own graham crackers, but next time I think I will so the cake sits a little more evenly. What makes the cake is the toasted marshmallow ice cream. I toasted (or broiled) marshmallows and then blended them with the milk and cream for the ice cream base. It tastes just like toasted marshmallows!

Here is the recipe. My pictures look a little different than hers. 🙂

Is that it? No. We also ate shrimp fest last night at Red Lobster because we thought it was ending when it had actually just started.

The week was on the gluttonous side and my working out was at a minimum but I survived! I can also appreciate that I ate really good food all week and that felt good.What goes up must come down and we definitely will go back to the simple life next week, eating a little fresher and greener.My body already wants to!

To recap, enjoy the most of life and when a birthday comes around, eat the cake, shrimp, burgers and chocolate that may come with it. If you are going to worry, don’t let it be about food! Avoid hospitals but if you happen to land there, eat! Look past the hospital food stigma.

Thank you for listening to my food thoughts!




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