Week 4- This Side of the Bed

Hello reader!

By the time you read this, I will have hopefully completed the Akron Half-Marathon with my goal of miles under eight minutes complete! We will see 🙂 More on that later.

This week I felt like I was really doing it at my internship. I showed up at 7am on Monday morning and spent the day working and doing rather than sitting through more instructions and orientations. Working and doing meant tray passing- which is taking food trays to the patients. Thankfully I was following an actual worker because I never would have found my way through that huge hospital. It was fun for me to see everything going on because I’ve been very fortunate to have not spent much time at all in hospitals in my life. We weaved around delivering trays throughout the different wards.

Room service- it’s not just in hotels! Summa’s patient food service is a room service type where patients call down and order food whenever they want. And they have a choice in what they eat, which is helpful as hospital patients are at risk for being coming malnourished. This is another thing that seemed foreign to me, but who wants to eat when they’re sick and if you’re sick for a long time I see how it happens. Becoming malnourished in the hospital opens up a whole can of problems so keeping people eating is important!

Remember that as this beautiful weather finally turns on us and it’s cold and flu season again! But welcome fall and pumpkin evvvvvverything!

As the actual tray passers went on break and left for the day, I was passed along to follow different people. Towards the end of my day, I was following an older man. The routine was the same, but we weren’t as engaged in conversation as much as I had been with the other tray passers. I was starting to fade for the day and honestly I don’t think he had much to say to me. We walked in silence for the most part, just interacting with the patients until later in the elevator he said what I had been thinking throughout the day. He said, “It makes you glad to be on this side of the bed.” I agreed.

Being well has got to be one of the greatest privileges. The whole experience has made me very grateful not to have spent time in the hospital with others in the bed or myself. This has been on my mind all week and it’s reminded me that practicing gratitude always makes me so much happier than worrying endlessly about the future.

I want to share what else I was grateful for this week as I was reflecting:

  1. I’m in the school that I want to be.
  2. I wished my dad another happy birthday.
  3. I have the legs/strength to run a half marathon tomorrow.
  4. I’m not worried about my next meal.
  5. I have various types of support with school from both jobs- this is a giant relief!
  6. I’m helping to celebrate my husband’s birthday this weekend with our friends.
  7. I have love in my life.
  8. I have God in my life.
  9. I’m healthy.
  10. I had an easy, happy childhood- I have to keep in mind that not everyone has.

There’s a lot of literature about gratitude and how it truly contributes to our physical and mental health to practice it. Do a google search! And if you’re feeling inspired, try to think of things from this week that you can be grateful for that maybe others can’t.

Have a great weekend!




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