Week 3- Constant Vigilance!

Do you know what has brought me a lot of pleasure during my mundane car rides all over the city of Akron? Since August I have been listening to audio books ( I still want to call them books on tape) and it’s been a nice change.

I’ve been listening to Harry Potter. I don’t think I’ve ever reread the entire series since the last book came out. I reread that last book a few years later but nothing since. IT’S SO GOOD. I’ve been picking up little things from the earlier books that make sense because I know how it ends.

hp4-audiobook-english-us1-usd_300px-300x165 Constant vigilance is something an HP character keep saying over and over making me laugh alone in my car but I was thinking that it’s so true. This week I had my first day at Summa. Same story- everyone was so welcoming and I’m so glad to starting my internship and in two years a career that I’ll hopefully  be inspiriting at! I just don’t have a lot of profound experience to share at this moment.

So this week I want to share my constant vigilance for meal prepping and making food ahead for the week so that we always have something ready for dinner or snacks and there is no added stress to my day.

Failing to have a plan is planning to fail- I’ve heard many a dietitian say that when giving talks on meal planning, saving money, and weight management. All of these things can benefit from having a plan for making your food ahead of time at home.

My tips at simple and obvious, but they can easily be overlooked and then you’re stuck. I often disregard them because I think it will be just as easy to come up with something during the week. Wrong! During the week I get hungry and then fussy because there’s nothing to eat and I’ll have to spend time making it or money getting something. More money to get something ‘healthy’. It’s true.

Step 1-


This is my excel spreadsheet for planning meals. It’s very basic.  First I think of what I want to make on a day, find the recipe (or not if it’s more something I throw together), and then hyperlink the recipe so that it’s always ready for me when I go to meal prep on Sundays. My Tuesdays and Thursdays are blacked out because currently I’m serving those nights and I know exactly what I’m eating when I’m done- A delicious salad.

Step 2-

Make my grocery list for what’s in the recipe and what else I need to make what’s on my spreadsheet.

Step 3-

Grocery shop. It can be the worst, but you get everything you need for the week, it’s over!

Step 4-

Set aside maybe two hours at the most to prepare your beforehand meals like bulk breakfast and lunch foods. I make my large bowl of oatmeal and then warm it up every morning with my fruit, nuts, and other toppings. My zoodles I will also make ahead of time and keep to put in a container in the mornings for lunch. Try to plan to make recipes on the nights that you have time. Busy nights, have a crockpot idea in mind that you can get together on the weekend.

Even the best plans can go awry, but this is kind of a backup in itself. Maybe Monday I don’t feel like making chicken thighs and veggies so we’ll have leftovers then. But I still have everything I need to make them on Wednesday. Those veggies are frozen by the way. Still nutritious and less work!

Constant vigilance saved Harry Potter from Voldemort and it will save you too from hunger.

When I’m done with Harry Potter, I will either go to Lord of the Rings or Game of Thrones because both I have started to read and liked, but just didn’t finish.

Have a lovely weekend!





2 thoughts on “Week 3- Constant Vigilance!

  1. As soon as I saw your title I thought of Mad Eye Moody! I’m beginning to realize how important it is to plan out meals. If I don’t, I get lazy and eat not so healthy foods!


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