The Second Week-Holding On

I like holding on to things. Grudges and good times, old clothes and old good ideas. Week two taught me that I can’t keep doing everything that I would like to do and that I will have to let go of some things in order to move forward. Letting go for me will mean setting some boundaries as well, which is not being selfish, it’s healthy. Setting boundaries to establish priorities is necessary or else you’re not really making them a priority.

It really set in this week that I’m not able to split my time 50/50 with work and school. This is how the coordinated program is different and I knew all of this going in, but the reality of it all was eye opening. I’m going to have to make some changes. Sometimes it’s hard for me to give things/work up either because I want to do it, I think I should do it, or I don’t want to take the time to explain to someone else how to do it! Again, I like holding on to things. The wonderful thing is that I don’t have to do everything. Maybe I give up that old job that is no longer my career. Maybe I give up that dream of not taking out anymore school loan money because I need help.

I was keeping all of my options open by still working my 9-5 job as much as I could as a back-up  just in case all of this dietetics stuff didn’t work out! But it’s going to and I can’t wait!

rd2beFrom now on, I’m shifting the majority of my focus to dietetics and school. If that means I have to give up somethings for a few years and make sacrifices, I will do that.

I know that I will have more fun and exciting things to share in week three because I will have actually gone to my internship by then! Until then, keep in mind that carbs are good, snacks are metabolism fuel, and hunger means that your body is asking for help.

Is there something you should give up in order to make yourself happier?





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