Sunday Sampling

Another weekend-yes!

Aren’t they the best? Lately my weekends have been looking something like this:

Friday- Fridays I am exhausted so I meet Matt for dinner and then it’s 20 minutes of Netflix before I’m out for the night!

Saturday- Various, but doing something! Baby showers, movie nights, bike riding, all good things.

Sunday- Catch-up/get ready for the week days. I grocery shop, plan our meals, make bulk food for the week, and usually a Sunday dinner.

My weekends are full and fun. Another Sunday activity I have been enjoying is my grand tour of churches in my neighborhood. Really, I have about five denominations in the area that we live in. I have always thought that was so neat to have all those options and after the wedding I started thinking that I should get out and explore these churches.

I’m Catholic by choice now but as a baby I didn’t have a choice in being baptized and as a second grader I don’t think I would have had a choice in making my fist communion. The truth is I so wanted to make my first communion so I too could stand in line wearing that white dress, veil, and gloves! -Thoughts from my eight year old mind.

And then I planned my Catholic wedding and started thinking maybe there was a better fit for me somewhere else. I like trying new things! It’s been such a fun experience and it was another way to step out of my comfort zone and realize that the uncharted waters aren’t so scary.

Instead of asking me to please leave, everyone I have met has been so friendly and welcoming! Some things are similar, some are different from church to church.

Originally I thought week after week I would try a new church until I had gone to them all and reevaluate. How it really happened is that I showed up halfway through the first service that I choose to attend because I checked the website for times but they were actually meeting a half an hour earlier for the summer. I liked what I saw, but I missed the meat of it.

Another service was started right as this one ended which was perfect because I wasn’t ready to call it a day.

That second church is where I have ended up going the most in the past six or seven weeks. I did make it back for a full service to the first church I ventured into and I have gone to a few others.

I don’t know where I will land, I don’t know when I’ll get to those other churches.  As much as I like to have life planned out and know where and what I’m doing, I know that some things need to time to develop and are worth the wait.

If you ever are thinking of trying something, but just can’t pull the trigger I encourage you to just do it! Worst case scenario, you go back to what you know!








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