The First Week- Paperwork and Due Dates

Happy weekending! Can I tell you about my first week as a dietetic intern?

CP- Coordinated Program in Dietetics- Taking classes while doing supervised practice with a dietitian (internship hours) all through the University of Akron.

That’s how I’m getting through my internship rather than a complicated matcing process that could take me out of state.


So I made it through the first week! It really wasn’t bad workwise, but the first couple of days of school can always be nervewracking seeing all those due dates and then I write then all in my planner and I see them right next to each other. You mean I have to get ALL of that done?!

So I’m going to take it day by day, putting my physical and mental health first, and try to live in and enjoy the time as it comes!

I was caught up in the week and did not think to take any pictures even though my group on Advanced Food Prep prepared our first meal this past Friday. It was a practice round for us to get to know where everything is in the kitchen and how to use some of the equipment because this is a kitchen designed for preparing meals for large quantities of people. It’s not your home kitchen!

We prepared a grilled Swiss and cheddar cheese sandwich with tomato soup and green beans with zucchini blondies and ice cream for dessert. Tasty, simple, and well below $2.50 per person! Good luck group 2, we will be a hard act to follow!

My first placement of internship hours is going to be at Summa in Akron.


This is a foodservice rotation, so you can find me on the second floor in the kitchen doing whatever it is that they tell me to do!

I don’t quite have a clear picture of that yet but in the weeks to come, I will let you know!

What changes does the fall season have in store for you?


2 thoughts on “The First Week- Paperwork and Due Dates

  1. It sounds like my old days at Amherst Hospital when I was in high school. I worked in the Dietary Dept. They had huge cans of lemon pudding which was so good.


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