Week 4- This Side of the Bed

Hello reader! By the time you read this, I will have hopefully completed the Akron Half-Marathon with my goal of miles under eight minutes complete! We will see 🙂 More on that later. This week I felt like I was really doing it at my internship. I showed up at 7am on Monday morning and spent the day working and doing rather than sitting through more instructions … Continue reading Week 4- This Side of the Bed

Sunday Sampling

Another weekend-yes! Aren’t they the best? Lately my weekends have been looking something like this: Friday- Fridays I am exhausted so I meet Matt for dinner and then it’s 20 minutes of Netflix before I’m out for the night! Saturday- Various, but doing something! Baby showers, movie nights, bike riding, all good things. Sunday- Catch-up/get ready for the week days. I grocery shop, plan our meals, make … Continue reading Sunday Sampling

The First Week- Paperwork and Due Dates

Happy weekending! Can I tell you about my first week as a dietetic intern? CP- Coordinated Program in Dietetics- Taking classes while doing supervised practice with a dietitian (internship hours) all through the University of Akron. That’s how I’m getting through my internship rather than a complicated matcing process that could take me out of state. So I made it through the first week! It … Continue reading The First Week- Paperwork and Due Dates