The Non-Existent Upper Lip

Hi! I cannot believe we are into the second week in August already. This summer has not exactly been as relaxing as the last. This time last year I was ready to go back to school. I kept checking Akron’s online dashboard to see if any syllabi had been posted so I could print them out and get my binder organized. I know. I hear you.

aid320318-728px-Dress-Like-a-Nerd-Step-1-Version-2Nerdy birdy.

I am checking for syllabi, but just for the sake of staying ahead of/with the game. Ready or not, school is coming.

So- A later in the day edition of Mental Health Monday.


Do remember a time when someone else brought something to your attention that you would never have though of as a problem or issue, or even noticed it?!

I was at my first job out of college sitting with my coworkers, who we were all the same age and friendly with each other. We were talking about different body features which then turned to our body features. It sounds odd, but I’m sure there was a natural start to the conversation. So one girl had mentioned ‘Calli has a really thin upper lip” casually and with no malicious intent. We were just talking.


I remember being surprised that I had never noticed it and that no one else had pointed it out before to me.  I now see it in pictures and I don’t view it as a problem that I would ever take drastic measure to fix, I do notice it as a feature that I feel like I have to look at and critique. I never noticed it before that day, but since someone else brought it to my attention, it now had the potential to be a bad thing.

My upper lip really doesn’t bother me. REALLY! I just notice how much I notice it now. All  because someone said, ‘hey, this is how you look.’

Have you ever had an experience like this that ended with you thinking, ‘I didn’t know there was anything wrong with me?’ Or, ‘I didn’t notice that there was anything to notice.’


People may be going through life just fine without the comments of others on how they look. Even if you think it would be a compliment to say to someone how good they look because of loosing weight or some other change in their appearance, it might bring to mind that they weren’t as good in their previous physical appearance.

Someone who had braces might have loved them. A woman who just had a baby might not be too concerned that she lost the baby weight quickly.

And the strong message going around now is YOU ARE ENOUGH! Just as you are.


Mentioning people’s personalities or their strengths is so much better than their appearance. I would much rather hear that people enjoy my company than my lips look full today. 🙂

IMG_3500 (2).JPG
And this is my upper lip on a good day!


Enjoy the rest of the week and your summer!



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