The Long and Winding Colon

I have read that in blogging being successful is finding how you can relate and relay information to a certain populations. For better or worse, there are a lot of other people blogging about the things that I’m doing in life and want to talk about- dietetics student, runner, mending a food relationship, creating recipes. But I do have something else going on that might help others- and myself because I’ve been in a sort of denial!

I’ve got an extra long, redundant colon with more twists and loops than it should have.

Food has a long way to go and the journey is often not a smooth one because it will get stopped and stuck in these loops. I’m constipated 100% of the time unless I’m taking some sort of measure not to be. Medicines, food and other homeopathic remedies will work initially, but after my body gets used to them, back to my normal I go. My normal is constipated.

For those who also are plagued with anything from irregularity to severe, will not budge constipation, I want what I come across to help you and my redundant colon. Trying to have a day and being constipated and slowed down yet again is doable, but not ideal.

I only found out that this was the reason for my constipation this past spring, before that it was just an irritable bowel syndrome-constipation diagnosis and I should drink more water, eat more fiber, and take current recommended constipation medication.


It’s a bizarre thing to me for a couple of reasons- I am not tall, so why my colon kept growing is mysterious and for the first fifteen years of my life it never gave me any trouble. Did it have some kind of growth spurt?

At first I was mad and disappointed to find out that I had an expensive colonoscopy that didn’t tell me what was going to help give me relief from my problem. Only recently have I been a little satisfied knowing why nothing works long term and accepting to work with what I do know- my colon is long and needs some extra attention to keep working.

I do know that my colon responds to change. If something stops working, I can start something else that will work, and then have a back-up after that. Some products that help me are:

hydrochloric acid with pepsin supplements- taken with meals


super colon cleanse- your colon does not need a cleanse, but the stimulant in this is gentle enough to keep you from being too crampy.


a prescription drug called Linzess.

That’s kind of all I have to say about my redundant colon for right now because I’m still processing and accepting it. But what I find that works, I’ll let you know too. I hope to do good research on relief and to get creative and keep finding ways to stay one step a head- and looking into having it removed if necessary.

Have a great rest of your week and I sincerely wish you smooth movements!








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