WIAW- East Coast Eats

Wednesday = Hump Day.

I’ve never liked that expression. But I get it, I got up this morning so I’m halfway there!

I can’t just pick one day of the fabulous seafood consumed while in Cape Cod on that honeymoon, so it’s kind of a recall from the entire week. Not all meals were super exciting, and not all were even seafood, so I’ll stick to the really good ones!

So some mornings were started with these amazing bananas foster crepes pictured on the left, and some were started off with my best attempt to get all macronutrients in for breakfast- Greek yogurt with nuts, and whatever fruit I could find.

We were in the most adorable townhouse that had a kitchenette so there was no reason to get breakfast out every morning, but I wasn’t able to whip up one of my usual breakfasts.

I made it work!

Plus, I was getting a workout in first think in the morning without eating anything (starved cardio) and that kind of messed with my hunger signals. Even before the honeymoon, I don’t know where I stand with starved cardio because of this. It would be a good three hours after I woke up before I got to breakfast.


Lunch was usually a couple of hours later in one of the towns we were exploring or Hyannis where we were staying. Two days in a row I had a lobster roll for lunch. Pictured above is the lobster salad kind made with mayo on a hot dog bun. The second kind that I did not take a picture of because of hanger (anger due to hunger), is the hot buttered type that is just as it sounds- hot lobster meat with melted butter on the same hot dog bun. Both were incredible. And both came with French fries. I haven’t eaten as many French fries in two years as I did on this week long trip. I had forgotten how simple and good they are.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Dinnertime was sometimes more fried food, sometimes fancy lobster mac and cheese, or stuffed lobster, or something with lobster and/or seafood!

If only lobster was as plentiful as canned tuna in my at home normal life. That would really add some color to my meals!

image1 (3)

And then comes dessert! If I thought I ate a lot of French fries, I don’t know what you would call what I did to ice cream on this trip. What we did rather. Matt was right beside me the whole time!

I was too much fun just to get some ice cream as we beep bopped around summery Cape Cod so we kept doing it. Just about every day!

And then this past Sunday was national ice cream day but I had partied too hard all week so I sat that one out.

Ben and Jerry’s originated somewhere in New England so there were stores everywhere. I didn’t actually know that elsewhere in the world you weren’t just limited to a pint from the grocery store. The bottom right is S’mores ice cream from Cape Cod Creamery. So good. They were all good and good for us with all that calcium, phosphorus, and protein 😉

That doesn’t quite do what I ate in Cape Cod justice, but I gave it my best shot!

What foods do you wish were more plentiful in your area?







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