Honeymoon Maritime- Have a Plan

Good Monday Morning Readers!

I hope today goes as smoothly as possible for you and that it does not have that Monday feeling. This is my first real Monday in a couple of weeks because last Monday I was on Martha’s Vineyard, and the Monday before that was the fourth of July.

If your Monday does not go all that smoothly, I encourage you to have a plan in place!

Rain threatened us the first few hours that we were on the vineyard.


What I will not do is give you the entire recap of my honeymoon, although it was truly wonderful! If you want to know or have questions about Cape Cod, I can certainly shed some perspective on the area and how to navigate. Just email me!

What I do want to share are how I had a case of the ‘shoulds’ before we left. I was worried about my workout schedule and varying from my standard diet while honeymooning. I kept thinking ‘I should workout at least 4o minutes everyday, I should avoid bread to compensate for all the other extra carbs I’ll probably eat.’ It was a  much needed vacation I have to add, but nonetheless that didn’t change that I wanted to cling to my routine. If you are a creature of habit, you know that this struggle is real.

Heritage Museum and Gardens- Sandwich, MA. All I wanted to do that day was to eat a sandwich in Sandwich and call it sandwich-ception.

I’m sometimes in love with working out, I’m sometimes chained to getting my workout in for the day. I’ve badly prioritized working out in the past and failed to see what was more important several times, during important and not so important days of my life. I definitely didn’t want to do that on this trip. Especially because it was my honeymoon!

GIANT sand dunes.

The best medicine for me was a HOLD button. Coming up on the trip, I told myself that I was going to have a wonderful time and that it wasn’t practical to worry about losing fitness or gaining weight for enjoying myself. I would pick up where I left off when we got home. I’ve done it before, and I can do it again.



This was a short term fix, and I’m sure in years to come there will be no need for such rationalization, but it did help me put those anxieties aside as we left and first got to our destination.


Good news- our trip was amazing! I already said this.

Better news- it worked! We got to Cape Cod, and as planned I went with the flow! Which was actually the theme of the whole trip. We had no itinerary, no obligations, just my husband and I doing whatever we wanted!

As a part of the vacation that I was enjoying, I was actually able to run a lot while on Cape Cod, which again is something I enjoyed! I ran along the coast and saw so many beautiful plants and homes and new spaces. I was really good to see new running routes. But I saw this as more of an added bonus, I did not feel any more accomplished because I got that run in for the day. It was a good feeling.


Have a plan, even if you’re going to fake it. I will try to have this mentality whenever it makes sense because how many days of our lives does stuff not go according to the plan? A lot.

It might seem like you’re planning for the worst, but it’s really being practical.

We can always learn from the good and bad experiences in life to reroute our paths for a better experience.

Have a beautiful day!




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