Miss to Mrs. Recap and Happy 4th!


Happy Summer! I know it’s been officially summer for a few weeks, but once you hit the fourth of July, it definitely feels like summer is in  full swing!

Watermelon Bruschetta. So good! Normal bruschetta recipe, just add watermelon and top with feta, if desired!


It’s also the 6th or 7th of July by now, but I’m getting to things at my own pace this summer.

These past few weeks have been a blur of deadlines, joy, stress, and good company. Life before and after the wedding was an amazing rush of getting things done, being excited as the day came closer, and then finally feeling the relief that is here and EVERYTHING was going smoothly. Smoothly enough!


Matt and I cannot thank everyone enough who helped us, guided us, and came to help us celebrate. I’ll obviously always remember my wedding day and all of my favorite, special moments but it’s also days like that that make you realize just how wonderful it is that major life events bring family and friends together. I’m not sure if that’s clear, what I’m trying to say is that humans are rooting for each other! I had perfect strangers that I interacted with for wedding stuff wishing me joy and evening asking if they could pray for me and my new husband. Of course you can and I thank you for your support.

Events like this, and others kind of light a fire in me and remind me to no matter what, think of others and reach out to people. Even a perfect stranger because you just never know what good you can do.

129The wedding was perfect and my favorite day. I’ll always remember and be thankful for the special moments I had.

One of those moments being when I put the ring on Matt’s right ring finger. I was nervous and my brain assured me that his left hand would be a mirror image of mine. Even though he had put his real left hand forward!

The day was over too soon! And not soon enough. I’m a lucky girl to be married to my best friend and we’re both looking forward to what’s ahead. 101

What’s been ahead of us these few weeks after the wedding is a lot of clean-up and rearranging of our lives a little bit now that we are married. I couldn’t say beforehand, but I had a feeling that I would feel different after marriage.

Matt and I have been living together for four years now and I don’t regret that all because I think it’s healthy for two people to live together if they want to. I also admire those who choose not to. But after these four years I’m very happy to be married because I’ve known that’s what we both wanted each other for awhile.

39I can’t really put into words exactly why I feel differently. Pure happiness and the desire to be a good wife, partner, friend, and inspiration is a little bit of it!

Because we aren’t going on our honeymoon until the 8th, we only had one week of real life to deal with (and leftover wedding cake) and then it was another party weekend! We watched two friends get married, and then went to a family party on my side for the 4th.

Life has been exhausting even after the wedding. I know I’ll recharge on my honeymoon and after that I’m looking forward to slower days. If ever asked, advice I would give to brides-to-be is to get some rest after it is all said and done. I know it’s pretty impossible beforehand, but after you will get your life back in order and write those thank you notes eventually.

Thank you again to all those supported Matt and I as we start our new life together!




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