The ‘Eating Healthy’ Label

Hello there and happy Saturday Morning to you! I couldn’t be more excited about this beautiful day because it’s the second installment of my marathon of weekend plans for this summer! Last weekend I was celebrating soon to be new life at a baby shower for a friend and today I will be heading up to Cleveland to celebrate with a lovely bachelorette who is getting married the weekend after Matt and I. It’s been so much fun to have someone at work to be excited with and complain about being in the same stage of this wedding saga.

This is the complete schedule of our summer weekend marathon: next weekend Matt and I will get married <3, then attend my friend’s wedding the following weekend, then leave for our honeymoon, and finally come home to attend another wedding! Wish me luck!

All of these parties mean a lot of food, and I say bring it on! Summer is the time for cool treats, barbeque, fresh salads, and whatever else you may want!

We have grilled chicken on hand 24/7 for salads in the summer.


I’ve been thinking about the healthy eating label, or when people say, ‘I’m going to start eating healthy . . .” or start talking about a ‘healthy insert recipe name here‘ or worse ‘skinny insert recipe name here’ ever since I actually said to someone a few weeks ago, “I eat healthy.” I was so bothered after I did that because that’s not how I think of eating.

Caramel Cashew Ice Cream. Am I going to recreate my own? You bet!


This person was a doctor and had just suggested that I take a multivitamin when I told her that I didn’t. I just kind of panicked and said it. I didn’t know how to quickly and elegantly explain that I was a dietetic student and I didn’t know where I stood on supplementing vitamins. I also believe that my diet supplies me personally with adequate vitamins and minerals.

That last sentence is exactly what I should have said!

So, what does it even mean to eat healthy?

Red meat- a good source of iron, zinc, and B12.


I try my hardest to eat a well balanced diet, but does that equal healthy? And can I say that I am 100% healthy just because my diet may be? My mental or physical healthy may not be saved just because my diet is healthy. Diet has a huge impact on physical health, but if our mental health is struggling, our overall health is not at it’s best.

I read a good post on this subject here-

When I eat a meal that is complete with protein, good fats, and carb, I’m not going to call the whole day a wash when I follow that up with an ice cream cone or a piece of cake. Or six oreos. When I eat a dinner that’s mainly carb including garlic bread, pasta, and cheesecake, I’m not going to consider it a ‘cheat’ day because of how unhealthy society has labeled those foods. I’m going to enjoy it and wake up the next day more than likely craving some eggs and avocado toast for breakfast and a chicken salad for lunch because my body will have had enough of the carb, and be looking for nutrients to balance me out.

That’s what our bodies will do naturally for us! So listen to those cravings. You need it and deserve it 🙂

Eating healthy does not have to be this all of nothing approach. Accept that you can be a hybrid (to society’s incorrect standards) and because you are taking conscience steps to maintain balanced diet, you’re a star!

From now on, I’m going to work on my responses to people when they either ask me if I eat healthy, insist that I must I eat healthy, or should it be a health care professional asking about my diet. For now, all I’ve got is ‘I eat food and all food is good food.’

A step in the right direction is taking the good and bad label off of food because really to use that means healthy or unhealthy. I promise, that double chocolate fudge brownie sundae with nuts and whipped cream on a hot day is good for you and once you have it, your probably won’t have another for awhile. Or those fried potato skins. I try to not to always love on the sugary foods, but you preach what you love!

Have a good weekend friends!



One thought on “The ‘Eating Healthy’ Label

  1. You’ve inspired me to grill up a bunch of chicken and have it on hand for meals. I’m finding over the summer I want easy food and good food. But that often means we’re eating out or indulging. Since I’m prego I’m trying to keep in mind what you said – enjoy what you eat and aim for a balance. I’m officially craving dark pop 24/7, but now I’m already craving some grilled chicken for a salad or sandwich. So I think I’ll do both today! I can satisfy my sugar craving but also feel good that I’m getting some nutrients for me and the little one. And what you said about listening to cravings is so true! Yesterday was a busy day for us and I ate two hot dogs and some warmed up pizza (oh, and don’t forget my Pepsi AND Cherry Coke). I felt so neglectful because there is so much pressure on expectant women to get the right nutrients. But I told myself, “It was one day. You don’t eat like that all the time. You’re doing fine.” Being easy on yourself makes eating healthier much easier. So maybe that’s why that grilled chicken sounds amazing today…


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