The ‘Eating Healthy’ Label

Hello there and happy Saturday Morning to you! I couldn’t be more excited about this beautiful day because it’s the second installment of my marathon of weekend plans for this summer! Last weekend I was celebrating soon to be new life at a baby shower for a friend and today I will be heading up to Cleveland to celebrate with a lovely bachelorette who is getting married the … Continue reading The ‘Eating Healthy’ Label

WIAW and Getting into Vacation Mode

It’s June 1st! When I was little, this date had two purposes: my parents anniversary, which I honestly wasn’t too concerned about, and it was pool opening day! This is no more as my parents no longer have their pool and I don’t live there anyway! Today this date still means my parents anniversary, ( Happy 37 years!) and I’m getting married this month! We completed … Continue reading WIAW and Getting into Vacation Mode