Eat Enough, Eat Often!


This is exactly how I feel about this week for a number of reasons. Just a few include:

  1. Hardly anyone is at work this week. At my place of business or anyone we’re in contact with.  I send emails pretty confident that I’ll get nothing in response until maybe January 6th when everyone is back and caught up. The quiet was nice this past week, until today when every department realized they’re been running at 50% and there’s a TON of work to catch up on.
  2. With Christmas over, I’m finally catching some downtime and I’m a little confused on how to spend my time. I knew this was coming and I was prepared. I got my wedding planning binder out, figured out where I left off in September, and got to it! Naturally, it overwhelmed me all semester thinking about all of the things I wasn’t getting done. Now I am, and things are coming together BEAUTIFULLY. For the most part . . .
  3. I need to do things and function but I’m just waiting for another looooooong weekend and I haven’t really left party/ vacation mode and I don’t want to until January 4th!

There is also holiday food EVERYWHERE! We brought some home with us, we got candy as gifts, there are gifts of candy and cookies at work from vendors, and I’ve been cooking more because of my abundance of free time so that means we have food for lunch and dinner and the need to ‘just make eggs’ isn’t there.

Without even realizing it, I went into conservation mode. I was conserving my calories for all the ‘bad foods’ to come. I was eating smaller amounts of normal, healthy meals to make room for these ‘bad foods’ I may or may not eat throughout the day.

Well, everyday at work this week I’ve been starving. Did I go into work at 6am and start eating thumbprint cookies? No! So of course I was hungry and my reduced morning snack wasn’t going to cut it. Was eating a measly leftover (foreign) lunch going to satisfy me until dinner? No!  I never make it that long, but it was only about 2pm when I would feel that familiar rumble.

This week I’ve been hungry because I wasn’t eating my usual amount because I thought I needed to compensate for something! And this week really  wasn’t any different from another because I’m still moving and working and working out and living! I would have rationally thought through have many calories my body needed and eaten appropriately. I would have made sure that I was satisfied and content. Throughout the week, there may have been a handful of chocolate chips or had another spoonful of peanut butter and those ‘extra’ calories would not have caused me to compensate.

I would not have reduced calories, and then still eaten less.

I hope that makes sense!

This morning I made my entire 522 calorie breakfast, packed an orange, nuts, and green goodness for a snack. What do you know! It was 11:30am before I was thinking about lunch! I even had a snack when I got home from work and only starting to think about dinner now! I was a fool to think that less is more to keep me going all morning.

I’m hoping with time I can remember to eat when I’m hungry. I say that because this has happened at other holidays and I also experience it when I marathon train. The increase in mileage increases my calorie need, and instead of listening to my hungry body, I think too much about when/what I should eat and ignore the hunger. It confuses me at first because I think that I shouldn’t be as hungry as I am. The hunger only comes back with fury and stronger!

When you’re hungry eat, and be mindful and stop when you’re full. Don’t eat a small amount because you think you shouldn’t and expect your body not to be hungry fifteen minutes later. Sometimes in the moment it’s hard, but eat filling, healthy meals, and chances are you will only want one or two of those holiday indulgences.

Most importantly, listen to your body! It’s keep you going this long, let it call the shots!

I hope you keep this in mind for tomorrow as you approach your New Years festivities!

Best wishes for a happy and healthy 2016!

Check out what I made this week-

Crab Cakes-easy and soooooo good! I used panko bread crumbs instead of crackers


Chicken Pot Pie– Original recipe that I used for the filling, but my version Mini Chicken Pot Pies is a little different! I wanted to make minis, so I  altered them to a little healthier!




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