Peppermint Blondie Trifle

Happy Sunday!

I hope you have  enjoyed and rested and recouped from the holiday! It was not a white Christmas, which is fine by me on one condition: I do not want to get dumped on from January through April. It’s pouring right now though, so I don’t know what’s worse! I would welcome a mild winter for the selfish reasons of being able to run and bike outside this winter. My work and school commutes are five minutes at the most so I’m quite lucky! Constant gym workouts get dull quickly and I have tendency to go heavy on the interval/ speed treadmill workouts and those can really beat up on your muscles day after day. However, they are an amazing fat-burner done two to three times a week.

Christmas recovery workout!
My dear friend allllllll the way from Montana!

I finally feel like I can breathe again! As much as I was trying to slow down and enjoy the holidays, that was not the plan for me! Between two families, out of town friends, and crazy work schedules, we were all over the place. Let it be known that I will never be sad about having a busy schedule with friends and family to visit!

A couple of days before I was finished with school, Buzzfeed put out an article on some number of peppermint desserts to make this holiday season so naturally I started thinking about what I could make that was different! A peppermint blondie trifle is where I landed.  I just don’t think blondies get enough attention. I come across people who don’t what they are, ( a yellow cake like brownie, not chocolate) which is fine, but after I explain, I feel like people are not likely to give them a chance. I think they’re delicious, but I am more likely to eat yellow/white cake over chocolate.  Nothing is off limits because there are no bad foods, and sometimes I get desperate. I might not like chocolate cake, but I’ll eat it.


For this trifle, that ended up falling over on the way to my parents house on Christmas Eve I took a couple of recipes and put them together. The bottom was a layer of  crumpled brown butter blondies, topped with white chocolate mousse, topped with crushed candy cane oreos, topped with whipped cream, and the layers repeated with crushed candy cane on top. It lacked body a little bit because two layers were creamy, but once it fell over it all mixed together anyway! I’m not fussy that it fell over and spilled in my car.

To begin, I have to direct you to these delicious recipes:

Brown Butter Blondies

White Chocolate Mousse

These are awesome to use for other recipes and by themselves. The mousse is incredibly easy, and any brown butter I think is amazing! Very rich, but amazing!


Ingredients (Not including the ingredients for the mousse and blondies)

1 c. heavy whipping cream

1 package oreos

1 package of candy canes


  • Smash up the oreos first and set aside. Two rows were plenty, but use the whole pack if you want to get rid of them! You may not find candy cane oreos, regular works too.
  • Smash/mill six regular peppermint candy canes, set aside.  I used the milling attachment on the nutrabullet, but I almost wish it had turned out more chunky than a fine powder.
  • Whip 1 cup of heavy whipping cream, set aside.
  • Make blondies, allow time to cool. Before baking, sprinkle with some of the candy cane chunks/powder.IMG_2505
  • Make white chocolate mousse.
  • After all layers are made, assemble in a bowl!
  • Sprinkle the remaining candy cane chunks/powder on top.
    • My layers from bottom up were: crumbled blondies, white chocolate mousse, smashed oreos, whipped cream, repeat!
    • IMG_2506

I wish you all peaceful lull week that is happening now until New Years!

Maybe this happens all the time and I miss it, but again the $$$$ canned crab was on sale so look for crab cakes this week along with mini chicken pot pie muffins. This will not be the canned soup version that is all over pinterest.

Also, look many seasonal cookies to come! My future in-laws set me up for holiday baking! IMG_2522


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