Don’t Shortcut!

The time is now. Finals will be over tomorrow and I have one final post left to submit for a grade and I have NO inspiration. I would probably be so inspired if I were at Panera Bread or Starbucks so people could see me writing. 🙂 So many times through these past 16 weeks I have had a million things to say but no time to say them! And now that the pressure is on, I’m not sure what I have to say. I’m very tired, probably hungry, and my mind is so distracted from trying to keep up with everything.

I think it’s also that I’m feeling a little empty because as excited as I am to take a hiatus from school, I’m always uncertain on how to handle my new role out of school when a semester ends. School drops off very suddenly. You spend the last weeks agonizing and worrying and dreading and then it’s over. It can be such a relief, but high strung me has a hard time making a complete stop.  I still have a million things to do during  my time off and those four weeks will be over before I know it, but I think I’m sensitive to this because many of my other major roles in life have been shifting over the past year I noticed myself being a little lost at times.

It’s been very difficult to stay on top of work, especially when I come back from class and have to jump back into a job when would rather put my efforts somewhere else.


Shift is just change, and I know that all change is good because it’s leading me to a better life where I can give more. I have faith in the unknown.

Here is what I do want to say bluntly: supplements and the quick fit diets don’t work in the short- or long-term.

There can be healthy supplements out there. Probiotics and vitamins and minerals can be very helpful for your body if getting enough through food is not an option. I’m talking about raspberry ketones, green coffee extract, and any type of cleanse product. Ketones are a product of fat metabolism,  but why should you ingest that? Especially raspberry ones? Fruit does not have any fat . . . And healthy fat loss should not produce any ketones in our bodies. It’s probably obvious that I have NO idea what these are supposed to do for you. Most likely it’s something about breaking down fat in your body. So sorry Dr. Oz, you need to eat well and exercise to do that!

Again, I’ll admit that I do not know how the green coffee extract is supposed to work either, but I bet you’ll waste your money and not much will have happened. I’ve heard from no one that these are amazing products that work so well.

Cleanses. I used to fall for the cleanse trap when I was younger. I thought they sounded like a good idea! Why wouldn’t you want to give your body a good cleanout? Actually, that’s what your liver is doing all the time! Our livers are our major detoxifying organ that work for us by metabolizing drugs, sorting out harmful chemical from the good, and is a major site for fat and carbohydrate metabolism. It does a lot of good, so don’t beat it up!*


While I don’t encourage adding any of these things to your diet, I also don’t encourage eliminating anything from your diet either! You might actually see results if you eliminate, but that’s going to contribute to the gain/lose cycle that can do physical damage to your body on a cellular level along with physiological damage. Eating a healthy diet with variety including all food groups keeps our bodies balanced and feeling satisfied.

Scrambled eggs, spinach, zucchini, and yellow squash.


General tips I give people when asked are:

  •  Check all of your meals and make sure you have fats, protein, and carbs present.
  • Definitely eat breakfast! Eat a breakfast with 300+ calories! You starved yourself all night!
  • Don’t hate yourself for messing up and eating a bad food. On earth, no one is perfect.
  • Don’t categorize foods as either good or bad.*
  • Write down what you eat for a day, see where you can make healthy swaps, and give yourself credit for the good choices you already made!

Writing down what you eat for even just a day is such an eye opener to what and how you’re eating and a lot of the times people just aren’t conscious of this. Getting back to the basics is key to moving forward and fixing the problem. Supplementing something else to take the place of unhealthy eating habits or eliminating a food group are set-ups for failure and despair.

I would say that this goes for a lot of circumstance in life because avoiding or suppressing the issues does not make it go away.  Acknowledge that addressing the past may  be unpleasant or painful, but the closure that it brings heals wounds that make for a brighter path ahead.

Tuna bowl with egg, avocado, red pepper, spinach, and SALSA! So delicious and it completely cancels that tuna taste.


I have been doing this lately, and very much experiencing the benefits!  This semester being fully submerged in dietetics classes, I am so excited to get on with life in a job that I will love and that has made me realize that I need to love every aspect of life and I have compete control to do that. I’m sorry for yet another post about loving yourself!* But I think it is so, so important.

I am sincerely grateful for all of you that read this and wish you the best!


*Where I include asterisks are things that I completely belief to be true, but I still need some help myself in doing/ believing these things. We all know that it’s easy to say one thing, but do another and I recognize that I am constantly needing to work on myself.







3 thoughts on “Don’t Shortcut!

  1. Thank you for sharing, I try to watch what I eat, and I agree about writing down what you eat, I am always thinking about how and if this or that is good for you. I do keep track of what I eat, don’t know how well that is, but I try

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  2. Calli, that was awesome! I really enjoyed that post a lot & thought your perspective on cleanses was interesting. I too fall for cleanses & did not really realize that about the liver! I’m going to start loving my liver more now 🙂 but does that mean that I have to forgo my small glass of red wine every night with dinner? So glad you are learning to love yourself more. It’s what life is all about! Much love to you cousin!

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