Happy Thanksgiving Weekend!

Hello and Happy Thanksgiving!

I am so relieved to have this weekend to recharge my battery! Four glorious days with no school or work! It was my plan to get ALL school projects done, but that hasn’t happened yet. I’m making good progress but I can’t help but enjoy the down time as well. I’ve been catching up on my mundane tasks (laundry, cleaning) and I’m hoping to start decorating for Christmas. It’s such a joyful time and I think it’s too short, so I try to maximize the time it’s celebrated! Shout out to Cathy Johnson for always taking care of me and giving me her beautiful, full, and prelit Christmas tree so I don’t have to put up my 4′ scrawny Walmart Christmas tree. She wanted to downsize and I was more than happy to take it off her hands! She is also giving me her nativity scene which I’ve always loved and liked secretly playing with when I was little. I have to keep my eye on a certain calico cat this season and make sure she isn’t playing with it. . . I also want to make an Advent wreath and that will conclude additions to my decoration collection. IMG_1062

I love this season! All I really want to do this weekend and improve my blog and actually put content in those empty pages, but I need to keep moving on my school projects. I’m giving a presentation on Tuesday to the Community Pregnancy Center in Barberton on nutrition basics and smart grocery shopping, adapting a nutrition handout to be low literacy (not as easy as I thought) and making a survival handout on what to think for people diagnosed with diabetes. I’m enjoying doing these things for school, but it will be great to get paid to do these things one day!

As we are officially in the Christmas season, the time for SO MUCH food is upon us. There will be parties and cookie exchanges and potlucks and I say enjoy it all, just be mindful!  I do see it both ways, I can find the amount of food excessive this time of year, but it is only once a year! In these situations, I try to check in and ask myself a few questions: Am I full? Do I really want it? Can I take it and have it later?

This is all I can devote to blogging for now! There will be so much more when I’m done with finals in three short weeks. Again, happiest thanksgiving and holiday season and please check out two fall/seasonal recipes added recently!


Pumpkin Super Bread

Mexican Turkey Chili




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