Akron Marathon 2015- Two weeks later

I did it! I ran a marathon! I was so looking forward to the whole thing being over, and actually considered not running at all. I have this bad habit of not signing up for races until the last minute when they are the most expensive. With school being in full force, I was dealing with the reality that my time was very limited and I just kept finding new tasks to fill what little spare time I did have.  I felt like I was drowning. But this story does have a happy ending, and it’s that I did run the marathon and I placed fourth for women ages 25-29! I did not get that qualifying time for Boston. Good thing I wasn’t planning on going this spring anyway because of an amazing party that I’m throwing on June 25th! I’ll get to Boston when I’m supposed to get to Boston.

I finished the race with a familiar high. I immediately wanted to plan for and run another marathon. I do love that I, and I alone have conditioned my body to be able to run a marathon and that’s something that I want as long as I’m able to move. That being said, I always have to retrain for marathons to some extent. It’s impossible to keep up that level of endurance ( a least for me) for very long and I simply don’t have time for it. It’s another accomplishment in the books, and now my Saturday mornings are no longer committed to the long run. I can use that time to do homework and volunteer. I’m going to need to do something like 150 service hours before I apply for dietetic internships. On the other hand, I’m going to need 60 shadowing hours if I want to apply to the coordinated program at the University of Akron. My head is above water now, it just takes serious planning to keep it there.

When the high wore off, I was sore and tired for a few days. It’s always longer than I remember and it’s always a little damaging to my spirit. One day I’m physically able to run 26.2 miles and then for a week it’s a struggle to go down stairs let alone run an easy six miles. Just as my muscles were recovering, I got a cold and couldn’t do anything again. Any kind of physical exercise that is. I still had to be present as a human at work, school, and work again. In retrospect, it was a good reminder that this is life now. My race is done and I need to focus the efforts that I was on long runs on homework, projects, health, and what’s important in life. I had plenty of time to work out all of the time before I went back to school because I was bored and needed to do more with my life. Being able to give more in life is causing me to change my priorities for the better.

Motivators for busier times:

Focus on past accomplishments and know if you did it once, you can again.

Look at the big picture in a general way so you don’t lose focus.

Focus on the day to day- I absolutely have to get this done, and if I do more great.



One thought on “Akron Marathon 2015- Two weeks later

  1. Congratulations on running your marathon! I’m always so proud of you. Also, I find that you are developing a balance between the small details v. The big picture. It’s hard to remain focused on a small paper to write when the big picture is you have 100 things to do and you feel generally overwhelmed about it all at once, while simultaneously it must be easier to say “I’m going to run a marathon” but forgetting it’s going to take tons of tiny efforts – runs, dieting, mentally preparing – that is going to get you there. And it’s hard to figure out which approach to use and remembering that one approach is not going to always work.


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