Be nice to yourself- and eat your carbs

I’m trying not to wish away the warmer weather but fall is definitely in the air and I like it! I’m so happy that on this chilly, rainy Saturday I had no commitments to anyone! I was able to wake up and move about at my own pace. After two weeks of getting back into the school/work rhythm and a busy holiday weekend in between, I’m taking this one to recharge my battery, catch up on reading, catch up on here, and slow down a little. A goal that I put in place for myself this semester is to slow down for a least half an hour every weekday, and more on the weekends. When I’m busy I’m plagued with a mind that is constantly swirling. When I’m doing one thing, I’m starting another and thinking about what to do after that. This is the way I operate and it’s how I get things done, but it doesn’t have to be constant.

Today I knew that I wanted to get a lot done, and lucky for me I had the whole day! And I wanted it to start slow so after breakfast I went up to the rec center at school and did not workout. Nope. I took a book, Motivational Interviewing in Health Care, and read in the spa! I may get in my long run tomorrow morning, so today I decided to be nice to my body. My legs are constantly aching these days and more stretching is not going to help. I thought they deserved a nice soak in some hot water! It was a little bit of a struggle, because why wouldn’t I take advantage of the weekend and get in an extra intense workout? I didn’t because that wasn’t going to help those aching legs and a workout is often times something I think I have to do, and that’s not what I wanted for my Saturday morning.

Lunch- Half of an avocado smashed up with a can of tuna and a hard boiled egg. Also works well with chicken or salmon!

After a few errands, laundry, and a nap I planted our office with a cup of coffee, ready to make a dent in some school stuff. Naturally, I haven’t gotten it all done the way I thought I would in my mind, but I did enough and I feel good about that. I also understand all of the material that I did cover. I also feel good (which feels a little strange) about not working out today. It’s okay to change such a structured routine sometimes. It’s also okay to do what you need to do, and be content with that. Maybe it I had woken up this morning and gone into turbo mode, I would have accomplished more and burned more calories. But then I probably would have woken up exhausted thinking about what I needed to finish!

I’ll get to it.

I will also get to that long run, and I’ll eat plenty of carbohydrates before I do! For a long time, and not knowing the science behind it very well, I would restrict on my carb intake. It is an effective way to lose weight, but remember it’s necessary to eat carbs and good quality ones at that! The first couple of days in both my human nutrition and nutrition assessment class, we went over the citric acid cycle. In a nutshell,this is the process that takes place to provide our cells with energy. That energy comes from food! Your body needs carbohydrates for glucose to get this ball rolling!

I thought it was fitting that as I started up school again for the year, that this was the hot topic in two classes. Old habits die hard, and sometimes I forget how important that carbs are in our diets and will avoid or limit them at meals. Making a better attempt to include plant source, good carbohydrates ( and not worrying about them later) is also something I’m putting in place this semester. I’m also going to try to stop worrying about what I cannot change. Wish me luck!

What does it mean for you to be nice to yourself?



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