Back at it!

Hello again world!

I did not abandon my blog project, I just got incredible busy with school starting and preparing for a wedding (not mine yet!! I am one week deep into school and the vows have been exchanged so on this Labor Day Monday, I’m back to (hopefully) spreading my knowledge in the world of food, running, and happy living!

The reason for a different blog is because I found out that I can use my blog for a school project. I have a class called Nutrition Communication and Education where the focus is learning the principles of successfully communicating with clients and how best to teach them healthy eating, just as the name suggests. I’ve done a little more so far on this new blog, and copied some from the other blog, but it’s still a work in progress!

I’m really excited for this class, and this is one of the ways I know that I’m in the right field for me. Creativity is not my strongest asset but I’m still looking forward to starting my education projects and presentations. This blog will be a part of my emerging technology project which is designed to use a new form of technology to help educate. Another reason that I know I’m in the right field is because I’m so interested in all of my classes and I can’t wait to get more in depth and learn!

Paperweight Nickles

This past week into this three day weekend was the perfect example of how life will definitely not be slowing down for me anytime soon! I spent my days going from work to school to work and then back to school all in a day! I quickly remembered that delicate balance to getting everything ready for classes during the week while still going to work and keeping up with home life. You can only do so much in one day or week. Priorities will become clearer as time goes by and I have to remember to be okay with not getting to everything that I used to over the summer. I will get to the important things and that is enough.


This weekend I was honored to be a part of my closest friend’s wedding! It was so beautiful and I wish her all the happiness in the world! I saw friends and family at the wedding and it was just what I needed to refresh my spirit heading back to a life a little more standard now that all the celebrating is over! To conclude my weekend, I got a good recovery run in and did some homework. This is life now and I won’t always love it. I’m sure many days I will be stressed or slightly depressed or both but I know I’m on my right path and it will all be worth it in the end!

Have a wonderful week!


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